Radio Rebel

Radio Rebel is an internet radio station that plays the music of independent artists of all genres only. Stan Price is CEO / founder.



To change the music industry as you know it. Stay tuned.


Welcome to the world’s best independent radio station! Radio Rebel has a one of a kind format found nowhere else online. We absolutely love all forms of music and we pride ourselves in operating the best non-genre specific independent radio station… ever. Airing music of all genres from all over the world, you’ll always hear something new! Here at Radio Rebel we want to share the musical achievements of independent artists everywhere, exposing you to great music you would have never known to look for.

What is Radio Rebel?

Radio Rebel is a hybrid of many things. Yes, we do radio, and we do it well. But we also have a music discovery catalogmusic video network, as well as an endless supply of awesome music promotion opportunities. In short, Radio Rebel is a non-genre specific independent radio station that supports, promotes and broadcasts the worlds best independent music.

Currently, we are working on building a “free to sell” music distribution platform. A place where musicians can sell their music without anybody taking a piece of their pie.

Who we are

At the moment, the core Radio Rebel team consists of two humans named Stan Price and Simon Ince with the help of many supporters and volunteers, who are also humans.

Simon RR Avatar About Page DrupalSimon joined Radio Rebel in July 2013 as lead developer on the free to sell platform. He is the guy who takes crazy ideas from paper and designs and constructs them into a reality. Simon is highly caffeinated and hard at work on the new Free to Sell platform. Bug Simon on Twitter or Google+.

Stan RR Avatar About PageStan founded Radio Rebel in mid 2011 with the intent to give unsigned independent musicians a chance to be heard. Stan currently operates the Radio Rebel that you see today and spends too much time working. Tell him to stop working on FacebookTwitter or Google+.


The Future

A team of very talented people are building the worlds first “Free-To-Sell” music distribution platform. What this means in English is that we that will enable musicians to sell their music directly to their fans at no cost to them whatsoever.  Simply create a free account, upload your music, and set your price. All sellers receive 100% of their profits from sales of their songs and albums. Free to sell. We think this will change everything.

I believe independent music is music that is owned 100% by the musician and not some large corporation. I believe that musicians will benefit from their work more if they OWN their creations and distribute it in whatever way they see fit. This enables an artist to have full creative control over his or her work, and naturally, make the most amazing art for the world to enjoy” – Stan Price – CEO –

radio rebel logo


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