Scrub Radio

Scrub Radio is an award winning Internet Radio Station devoted to giving extra exposure and airplay to great Independent Recording Artists. With Artists and DJs from all over the world and genres ranging from Hip Hop to Rock, Pop to Metal and Country to Punk, Scrub Radio knows no bounds.


Scrub Radio is about the Independent artist getting heard and having FUN!!!
Scrub Radio is about the Independent artist getting heard. With the internet being world wide, getting an artist heard in places that FM radio could never reach is our goal. We have all stated that the greatest part of being here is that one day we would have to stop playing a band because our job was done. The band was heard, liked and is now a major act.We have also been able to bring bands live sets from the local bars they play to the listeners. We have shared parties live with listeners and remote shows from where ever we can broadcast form. That includes a real “Road Show” travelling across the USA at about 80 mph!!

We’ve won 5 IOMA (Independent Online Music Awards) for Best Internet Radio Station (only station to ever win the award) also won Most Outstanding Contribution to indie music twice, and had 4 of 5 DJ’s of the Year come from Scrub Radio (all IOMA) We also took third in some other radio awards sites in 2008.
Today we continue to be in the top 15% each month at

Independent Artists/Bands are welcome to create a Band Page on and get your music heard around the world! Simply…1) Go to and click on “Forum”.
2) Become a Member in the Forum. Only takes seconds.
3) Then click on “Scrub Bands” (top menu bar in red)
4) Then click on “Add New Band” (left menu in red)
5) Input all the required information to create your Band Page.

Once your Band Page is completed,
6) click on “UPLOAD/MANAGE SONGS” on your Band Page (center menu in red)
7) securely upload mp3s for ScrubRadio DJs to play on their shows!!

It’s that easy!

Remember: Only mp3 format files may be uploaded.
Only ORIGINAL MATERIAL can be submitted for air – NO COVER TUNES.
Note: ScrubRadio does not pay royalties. None of us gets paid. We’re all volunteers on this bus!

Welcome to Scrub Radio!!

** Want your music played? Read This Page! **
** Want to be a DJ? Find Out How! **



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