James Rainwater

James Rainwater is a Pastor, singer-songwriter of contemporary Praise & Worship / Christian music.


“I believe Christian music is the best vehicle in which to drive the good news of Jesus into the hearts of hurting people.” These words from James Rainwater couldn’t be more sincere, or—according to him—accurate. He remembers singing with his mother as a child in the car. “Even though we had no father around and times were tough for a woman trying to raise four children alone, my mother made sure we were somehow introduced to the love of Jesus. She did this through song. I don’t believe it was by accident.”

James’ younger years were filled with joy and pain growing up in Ft. Smith, Arkansas. It seemed to those who knew him that he cared only for basketball and the experience of life. A life that didn’t include Jesus during his teenage years. “I think I speak for many people when I say that there are a few things in life that I’d like to take a ‘mulligan’ on. You know, a ‘do-over’. I’m grateful for a longsuffering Father in heaven.”


As he walked through the doors of the old refurbished church building in the small town of Jenny Lind, Arkansas, James’ heart began to pound feverishly. Singing in the car was one thing, but in a few moments he would be singing in front of nearly 60 people at a community jamboree. That evening was the first time he sang in public but those present treated him like a seasoned performer.


He sang his favorite country song with all the feeling his 19 year-old heart could muster, and to his great surprise the people wanted more. But he didn’t have anything more! It wasn’t until shortly after that first solo that James accepted Christ into his life and was filled with something, or should it be said, ‘Someone’! Now he would have someone to give to those wanting more.


It has been nearly 20 years since that evening in Jenny Lind, Arkansas, and James has since married, pastored for several years, welcomed three children into his family and released four CD’s of adult inspirational/contemporary songs. James’ humor and zest for life are ever present. “Why shouldn’t I have joy? The joy of the Lord is my strength. It never ceases to amaze me that people can’t get excited about seeing Jesus. What color hair does He have? Eyes? What do those hands feel like? I want to hold Him! I want to forever experience His presence.”

Aimee and James were married in November of 1994 and live in Thomas, Oklahoma where he continues to pastor. He is always motivated by his hunger to share the good news with people. His concerts have a practical side that is refreshing. One dear lady conveyed to him how much of a blessing it was to see someone so filled with joy. James is filled with joy. He’s a born again Christian who is looking forward to the Second Coming and wants to share it with others.


He is a man with a sincere talent that has been dedicated to serving God. An athlete, pastor, family man and sweet singer, his voice sings from within the emotional range of people’s lives. You will be touched by his ministry through song.


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