2 Save Soul Records

2 Save Soul Records is an independent Christian / Gospel recording company. Keith Martin is founder / CEO.

save soul records

2 Save Souls Records, is a brand new indie label located in Baltimore, MD, Started in late 2011 (by Keith Martin) with one purpose…to make life a little easier for artist, bands  who want to focus on publishing the GOSPEL, and sharing hope through life experiences and uplifting music.2 Save Souls Records mission is based on the scripture, found in the book of Matthew 28: 19-20, Where JESUS is giving a commandment to HIS disciples saying “Therefore go and make disciples of ( ALL ) nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.”We will therefore use innovative, uplifting, real entertainment to encourage people of ALL walks of life, of ALL ethnic backgrounds, of ALL social standings, of ALL nations, to improve their lives & relationships, especially the one with CHRIST. And to assist non-believers in establishing a new and rewarding relationship with CHRIST! It is my desire to be a company that is known for taking risk, keeping it real, being able to say the hard words without compromising our standards to our worldly counterparts. It is also my desire to continue to always grow technologically and professionally, while maintaining and manifesting the fruits of the spirit, in all we do.
This company endeavors to put together  Music Campaigns  which will release singles , albums for  iTunes, Amazon, Songcast, Napster, and other downloading media as well as small runs in physical storefronts. Each release will be accompanied by an online distribution and marketing campaign. It’s a win-win solution for both parties, publicity and publishing for the  artist / bands, and 2 Save Souls Records.
save soul records32 Save Souls Records is looking for artist and bands. We are a royalty paying Distributions Company with min submission fees and min cost to the artist / bands.  Artist / Bands must own the rights to the songs they submit and be willing to license them for exclusive  use by 2 Save Souls Records.  Artist / Bands are encouraged to submit their EPK and up to 3 songs for consideration.The submission window is always open.  We would love to hear your demo or other  projects, so please visit our contact page!Unlike a lot of other companies out there who tend to nickel-and-dime the artist / bands in order to get them to pay for all of the up-front costs, we believe in the principle of strength in numbers.
We are not like the Majors , but a lot of times in order to get their attention you need the work, and training we provide. We are a company who is growing extremely fast and operate like a family!  The bigger the family the greater the opportunities that get presented.
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