Difference United

Difference United is a duo of singers-songwriters of contemporary Christian Electronic Pop Rock music.


From Nashville to China, to Europe, India, and beyond, the sounds of NEW DAY – the highly anticipated album release from Difference United (DU) – are resonating to the far corners of the earth. The groups live shows, radio singles, and TV performances have captivated millions, gaining acclaim from music critics and audiences alike across the globe.

Difference United has broken established conventions by creating a unique performance format, which no longer preaches to the proverbial choir of its established Christian base, but reaches out to a universal secular audience with a message of hope. This message has found its voice in lead vocalist Rebecca Wade, whose dynamic vocals shine in the group’s latest album release. D.U. follows the roads less traveled, which often leads them to formats and locations often ignored by the conventional Christian music industry. There is an exciting relevance permeating the music of D.U. that crosses international and religious boundaries, bringing people together from all walks of life. 


At a recent press conference the band’s founder, Aaron Lee Miller, was asked what specifically he felt was drawing people to the music of Difference United. “Ultimately, I believe it goes much deeper than just the music in the sense of entertainment… I truly believe that people are hungry for meaning, purpose, and a fulfilled destiny. I also believe that people are drawn to the message of hope that can be found throughout our music and within the lyrics of each song. Our songs are about real life… our personal struggles, our moments of joy, of failure, and our firm belief in a higher calling.” 

In a world filled with hopelessness and desperation, Difference United is striving to rally people together towards a greater good through music. Their message is clear. Today is a New Day in Christ.

Rebecca Wade (Lead vocalist: Difference United)


Music is the soundtrack by which we live our lives. It moves us, shapes us, and reaches to us in ways that define who we are as individuals. Music can encourage us, empower us, help us to fall in love, or just help us relax at the end of a hard day. As an artist Rebecca Wade understands that a great song is more than just words and melody. It is a language rich in texture and emotion that speaks to us where we are.

Rebecca’s story began as one of seven siblings growing up in a Christian home in north Georgia. It was immediately recognized by those around here that she had a gift and passion for singing. From an early age she was performing solo specials at church and elsewhere. As she grew so did her passion for music and for leading others into worship. This passion led Rebecca to eventually rise to the position of worship leader at her home church. It also opened doors for performance opportunities in the U.S. and abroad including in Europe. “I love to sing for a live audience.” Says Rebecca. “I feel that I am able to express emotions and thoughts that otherwise have trouble finding voice, I can be myself and just let it all go.”

In 2013 Rebecca joined the Nashville based Christian Pop Rock band Difference United (D.U.) as the group’s lead vocalist. Founded in 2006 by Aaron Miller, Rebecca’s brother, the group gained a worldwide following performing in locations as diverse as India, China, Europe, and the U.S. “Growing up I was always in awe of Rebecca’s vocal abilities.” Say’s Aaron. “I had hoped early on in the formation of D.U. that she would be able to record and tour with us. Unfortunately, our careers and personal lives didn’t allow for this initially.. However, as we began work on the latest D.U. album I again approached Rebecca about joining the band. The time was right and Rebecca joined Difference United in 2013.

Rebecca was immediately put to work recording vocals on the group’s second studio album release titled “New Day”. This included work on the radio singles “I Know” as well as “The Writing On The Wall”, which are due to be released to U.S. and international radio in the spring and summer of 2014 respectively.

Rebecca brings a passion and intensity to her vocal performances that captivate her audience, leading them deep into the musical experience. The coming year will see Rebecca performing alongside Difference United on tour in the U.S., Europe, Asia, and beyond. The future is bright and the message is clear… It is a New Day in Christian music.










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