Kristin Rader

Kristin Rader is an award winning singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian Inspirational Pop & Worship music, model, magazine columnist, teacher and the new artist of Dreamin’ Out Loud Entertainment.


Passionate, Intimate, and Life Changing is the best way to describe the virtuous and dynamic spirit of Kristin Rader. With a life full of charisma and passion to worship, she only knew one way to fully serve God, with her voice.

With years of experience and vocal training, Kristin has given her life to perfect her instrument. As a child she was given the stage and stunned crowds with her powerful, yet calming voice. After High School she knew she wanted to pursue higher education and that no other path would leave her more fulfilled than training herself in her passion.


Kristin went on to earn a collegiate vocal scholarship and was given the opportunity to sing in multiple countries around the world such as Ireland, England, Wales, Bahamas, and Mexico. After graduating from Lee University, she had the privilege of being apart of of the prestigious Chattanooga Symphony Opera Chorus.



As a teenager, Kristin found herself struck in the midst of tragedy. Her life was turned upside down with news that her father was diagnosed with Cancer. A short three weeks after his diagnosis, he was taken to be with the Lord. Before he left her however, he imparted wisdom that will forever be engraved in her heart. “No matter what happens to me, God Is Still God.” After this tragedy, Kristin’s mother went through a period of deep dark depression. Not only was she left with the emptiness of losing her father, she now had to deal with the after effects of her mother’s struggles.


Attempting to cope with the devastation of her fathers death and mothers trials, she had no other place to turn other than God. Through the wisdom of her father, and the strength of her Heavenly Father, Kristin was able to use this tragedy to strengthen her faith and hope in the Lord.


Through these trials, Kristin was given an amazing opportunity. She now has the ability to use her story as a means of expression to show triumph and victory over dark circumstances. With every great story, creates an opportunity to eloquently express how struggles change a persons life. Kristin Rader is a true testament of God using the struggles of one individual to encourage others.

With life focused on music, she had one dream, to use her gifts to reach believers and unbelievers. “I want my music to be an outlet of encouragement to everyone who hears it. Music is the one avenue that we all have in common, there is no better median we can use to reach others.” Knowing this, she recorded her debut album “Undeniably You.” Each song leaves you wanting to hear more, while inductively sending a message to all listeners.


Kristin prides herself in focusing her career on ministry. Few artists are able to bridge the gap between knowing oneself, and expressing oneself for God in such a way as Kristin. With her mind geared toward people, her music effortlessly shines the light of Christ. Each new adventure is a new opportunity for her to share her amazing testimony with others.

“My prayer is to be a voice of encouragement that reaches beyond my music. I hope that each individual that hears these songs will be blessed. Life is full of uncertainty, but with God, everything that seems unclear will eventually become evident of His true plan and purpose.”


“For I know the plans I have for you” sayeth the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope for the future.” Jeremiah 29:11

“Amazing.  Gifted.  Anointed.  These are just a few of the words that come to mind when I consider the artistry and ministry of Kristin Rader.  I have worked with her for the past year in promotions and marketing and have found her to be engaging, hard working, and supremely talented. She is a joy to be around, and I believe she would be an asset to any Christian tour or concert.  I absolutely give her my highest recommendation.”

Mark Giles – Hit Radio Promo, Inc.

“From the first moment I met you, I knew God wanted to do something uniquely divine. This record is truly a masterpiece of your hard work and labor. I am so excited about the future God has for you. This is only the beginning. Never give up on your dream. God will go before you and open up every door.”
James Matchack – Musichowse Productions



BlogThis Is Kristin Rader

Kristin Rader-Smile

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“Smile” Customer Reviews…

Great new song!!
 by mxpx360

Love this new song from Kristin Rader! Great song from a really great heart for the Lord!

Stellar vocals, intriguing new artist
 by SlowJoeKitchen

Heard the Joy FM in Dothan play this and was hooked from the start! What a great new sound. This girl can sing. And you can hear the smile in her voice. I absolutely love it!

Radio Promotions / Management: Mark Giles

Hit Radio Promo    Mark Giles

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