King Cat Christian Music

King Cat Christian Music holds KCCM Connect events so that artists and the general music industry can network, connect, mobilize, get educated, and make friendships. King Cat also hosts the yearly King Cat Christian Music Festival and the Salt & Light Music Awards.  Connie Whitlock is founder / CEO.

king cat



Connie is the president of King Cat Music an organization that motivates, inspires, and mobilizes Christian musicians. She is also an instructor at the King Cat School of Music and teaches piano, vocal, Language of Music (theory and application), and stage performance.

Connie Whitlock is a musician that enjoys a full range of skills.  From leading and directing worship from the piano or guitar to leading a bands to play out, Connie has a wealth of training in the music arena. She teaches piano, coaches for auditions, and records her own songs either co-written with her fellow songwriting colleagues or written on her own.  This singer/songwriter is also the founder and president of King Cat Christian Music, an organization that encourages artists to assist each other and work together to further their ministries.  Connie brings a banquet of experience to the table when it comes to music, worship, and people.

Since the age of three Connie has been a student of the piano and picked up the guitar and singing at the age of sixteen.  She took up some music theory courses in college and still is studying music today with well-known master musician Phil Rogers. She continues to study the language of music. Connie believes that music is an endless art, and it would be foolish to think that one has arrived at any time.  Education is always a must for any musician aspiring to heed the call of God in this arena.  This worship director has directed at two different Methodist churches who were longing to bring a contemporary style into their services.  Connie directed two Christmas choirs and set up a contemporary set at both churches.  Even though the second church was a short-term visit, she rewired and revamped the sound system, set up a new media system, and created two worship teams one contemporary and the other traditional.


Connie has enjoyed a family of musicians who were staffed in the Church or led worship at St. Louis conferences.  She was surrounded by mentors such as Kent Henry, David Ruis, Kevin Prosch, and Daniel Brymer.  When Connie turned twenty, she was playing for the Vineyard and Metro Christian Fellowship conferences in Anaheim, California, and in Kansas City, Missouri.  As a young instrumentalist she assembled a youth band and was a co-youth leader at the Olathe Christian Fellowship Church in Olathe, Kansas.  She was one of the worship leaders at Metro Christian Fellowship and then at Deerbrook Covenant Church.  Connie spent two and a half years at the Methodist church helping them to bring an understanding of contemporary worship to their congregations.  She leads worship at Aglo International and fills in for worship leaders that are out of town.  A passion for leading worship is a part of who God made Connie to be.

Being the president of King Cat Christian Music and directing teams and bands over the years has brought an understanding of the musicians emotional make up and how to deal with people in general.  Every group comes with a significant DNA that needs to be understood and loved.  The politics of any group is inevidable, and Connie has the experience to deal with the mountains that need to be moved.

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