Pew Talk Radio

Pew Talk Radio is a Christian internet radio station. Pastor Grelan Muse Sr. is founder/CEO.

Pew Talk Radio 1

Pew Talk Radio was started for the purpose of building the body of Christ since it is our belief that we are all cells within the body of Christ. This radio station will help communities and people gather and work together regardless of the color of our skin. We will accomplish this mission through praise,  worship, talk shows, book reviews, interviews and live shows on life-changing issues.  Our goal is to have a balance between our music selection,  book reviews and interviews. Through these methods we hope to be a bridge  and foster a healthier Christian community as we working together, share and learn from one another.

Pew Talk Radio is creating a positive niche to the Christian network by bringing together a blended combination of music that brings us into a place of Worship and Praise. This is an inspirational Station that will be used to network The Children of God through an eclectic combination of music that displays our diversity, yet infuses the commonality that all Christians have, a love of God, recognizing that we were created to worship Him AND give Him Praise. The contemporary format features winning Christian artists from all genres as well as a rich blend of the gospel classics that will always be dear to our hearts. Join us daily for Praise, Talk and Worship…Music for your soul!


The “Simply Inspiring Show” will change your life. By tuning in on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 5:00pm, you just may actually become an inspirational success story.  Guests from all backgrounds will share their inspiring stories, new music will be introduced, new talent from various industries will be promoted, but most of all our listeners will be empowered to excel and accomplish their goals. Ultimately, we just want to inspire and motivate you to live out your dreams.

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Pastor Grelan Muse Sr. is founder of Emanuel and The Mainline Ministries Inc. (, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization, and Inside The Pew (, an online Christian publication. Connect with us @PewTalk on Twitter and @Inside The Pew on Facebook. His e-mail address

Pastor Muse has a strong mandate to help the community as a whole to go back to the Bible and do what God tells us to do instead of doing what man tells us to do, to work in God’s vineyard and to restore God’s storehouse, not man’s house.”   The basis of this is prayer.  So meet us there.  You can also post your prayer requests on

We are seeking new inspirational singers and musicians for airplay.  If you would like us to consider airing the requirements are as follows:

1. Submit your music in mp3 studio format

2. Music must be of RADIO Quality

3. Music must fit the Pew Talk Radio. music format

4. All  submissions must be accompanied with a professional biography .

5. Pew Talk Radio. does not guarantee music submitted will be played on Pew Talk Radio

6. Music submitted becomes the property of Pew Talk Radio

 Submit a demo of your work in mp3 studio form to  for consideration.  We are also using this venue to spotlight new artists.


Pew Talk Radio 2



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