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CELEBRATE RADIO is an international listener-supported Positively Music, interfaith and social justice radio station, programmed by veteran radio producer and broadcaster Mr. Don Fass.

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CELEBRATE RADIO, the international listener-supported Positively Music, interfaith and social justice radio station, programmed by veteran radio producer and broadcaster Don Fass, has announced ‘a carload’ of great new secular and spiritual programming beginning this April to June and a line-up of 3 new podcast series as well..

In addition to 1200 emerging artist songs from 16 countries, in 12 languages, hourly newscasts and news headlines from UNI News Washington and programs already airing, including Radio Envoy’s look at culture and faith, Don’s own Reaching Up! Music and interview show for youth and young adults, Songs of the Week and Albums of the Month, Celebrate Radio will be adding the weekly Little Orphan Archie look at music oddities from the 30’s to the 60’s, Don and Deanna’s On Bleecker Street music and interview retrospective on the 60’s and the Japanese Beach music series as well as Ireland’s Raymond McCullough’s Precious Oil Show, New Christian Music (NCM) from London, the Jewish Contemporary music ‘Songs of Shalom,’ and KEXP Seattle’s .Music That Matters.  A half-hour music feature from Alameda California’s non-profit Crosstown  Coffee House and Community Center is in the planning stages.

New short form programming includes daily minutes from Anne Graham Lotz (Daily Light for Daily Living), Rabbi Yehudah Baum from Jerusalem, Reflections from South Africa,  Doing Good (ways to get involved and help others), performing artists Max McLean’s Listen to the Bible and Rob Lacey’s Word On The Street, social activists Ron Cline’s Beyond the Call, Wess Stafford’s Compassion Speak Up,  Mercy Ships the Mercy Minute,  the Catholic Phat Mass, Elissa Morgan’s  MomSense, Steve Brown’s Think Minute, Raul Reyes’ Life Culture, The Garlow Perspective, Don’s own What’s Up With God and World of Religion (also new PCN podcasts). Rabbi Daniel Alter’s Take 5 for Torah. Dr. Jim Burns HomeWord parenting tips,  KMTT Torah Readings, Max Lucado’s  UpWords, Youth Outlook’s reports by teens, Billy Graham’s Decision Minute, Jewish-Arab All for Peace Radio from Jerusalem ,as well as short scripture readings in Arabic, Russian, Hindi and Chinese and sermons by Ghana’s Pastor Paul Asamoah, Alameda’s Pastor Jim Meyer, Oakland’s Todd Spitzer and Cornerstone Fellowship’s Steve Madsen, . All the new short-form programs will be going up on Celebrate Radio between mid-April and June with Anne Graham Lotz, Max McLean and Rabbi Green starting in mid-April.

Celebrate Radio’s extremely eclectic Positively Music mix on satellite, shortwave and on the web (and soon being syndicated to FM stations around the world) includes secular pop, folk and rock music and Christian, Jewish and Catholic Contemporary music from the U.S. and around the world including artists like Shadrach, Vocolot, Spoken Grove, Bill Malonee, General X, Mike Roe, Georgia, Craig Taubman, Lori Jo Gardner, Zehnder and Michael Pritzl from the U.S., India’s Pralay, Canada’s Debbie Zepick, Sweden’s Xmile and Josie, Japan’s Vienna, France’s Emilen and Eric Vincent, Israel’s  Lenny Solomon, Shlock Rock, Voices of Eden, Holland’s  Healing  Authority, Egypt’s Yousry Sharif, Nigeria’s Anthony, Ireland’s Raymond McCullough, Taiwan’s Heavenly Melody,  Italy’s Lucyan, Argentina’s Debbie and Slovakia’s Cargo Cult.

Celebrate Radio’s first podcasts, 2 separate series, Positively Music and Reaching Up! began on Podomatic and I Tunes mid-March and its year-old first benefit music compilation CD New Music New Hope, with artists ranging from King Crimson’s Adrian Belew to Peter Yarrow of Peter, Paul and Mary is still selling well on CD Baby, I Tunes, Tower, and Yahoo Music. At least 5 more CDs are planned. over the next 2 years.. Celebrate has also produced 16 live concerts at a unique Alameda coffee house and community center and at Oakland and Alameda churches.

Don Fass…

Don Fass is an award-winning journalist, broadcaster and online editor. He is the host of the popular REACHING UP music and interview program heard on satellite networks, shortwave and FM radio across the U.S, Canada, Mexico, Caribbean and in 200 other countries, by millions of listeners each week and he is director of Celebrate Radio network.. His listeners write that the program is ’unlike anything else on the air,’ its music and interviews ‘unique and uplifting’ and that Don’s ‘heart shines through each week.’

Don is also the founder of Streetcats Foundation for Youth and its One Heart for Kids and National Childrens Coalition initiatives and of Teen-Anon 12-Step Recovery for youth.

As a journalist, Don’s career goes back to age 17, when he was the youngest reporter ever credentialed to cover the White House, State Department, United Nations and NASA’s Mercury, Gemini and Apollo space programs and did numerous entertainment interviews for magazines, radio and newspapers and UPI Audio News.

He was the co-founder of American Radio News, one of the first two radio-only audio news services, an editor at ABC Radio Networks, UPI Audio, Scholastic Magazines, Prodigy Online and AOL.

A New York radio news director at 19, he is also one of two broadcasters credited with first establishing pop/rock music on FM. He spent years as an investigator reporter for major outlets.

Don has covered events and personalities from the Kennedys to Apollo 11, The Beatles to the U.N. Security Council, the Oscars and Grammys to Live-Aid, from 22 countries and over 300 major market radio stations

In 1994, he also created SC Metro Online, as the Internet began. It now has more than 40 award-winning web sites, including Youth and Children Net, Entertainment Network News, Get-It Online, The Web Zones, Citys Central, Bizday, SF Today, Get2Music, Cool-Email, City Women and many others.

His journalism career has been featured in Broadcasting Magazine, Variety, The New York Times, on Voice of America and the CBS Radio Network. and his youth and social justice work in the Los Angeles Times, Associated Press, San Francisco Chronicle, NY Post, Sing Tao Daily, Oakland Tribune and numerous overseas newspapers.

Don embarked on a second, parallel career in the 1970′s, helping people, particularly youth through sensitivity training, empowerment and 12-step growth groups.

Each group he founded is nationally known and serves thousands of parents, kids and teens off the web and over 2 million more through its youthandchildren.net (formerly child.net), kidsurfer.org, teensurfer.com and teen-anon.com websites as well as the only national resource sites for Asian-American, Latino and African-American youth and a Sixties history and resource site used by thousands of high school and college teachers.

Don trained with Jack Canfield (author of the best-selling Chicken Soup books), Bernard Gunther, Will Schutz and other group leaders from Esalen Institute and received substance abuse counselor training at the New School for Social Research in New York, UC-Berkeley, Western Addictions Institute and UC-San Diego, La Jolla.

He has lectured at Rutgers University, Queens College, Xavier University, New York University and conducted workshops for the National Association of Social Workers, Association for Humanistic Psychology, Generation One, Anthos and numerous growth centers and been a group leader over 15-years for Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, Cocanon and a counselor at Thunder Road Teen Rehab and other youth centers.

He has appeared as a guest on major TV and radio programs with Barbara Walters, Phil Donahue, Dr. Joyce Brothers, Barry Farber, Hugh Downs and Tom Snyder and been written about in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times Sunday Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, Associated Press, Fox Health Network, Fox News, Parade Magazine, ANG Newspapers (Oakland Tribune, Fremont Argus, others), Philadelphia Inquirer and on numerous talk radio shows, KABC-TV New York, Midday-Live, Good Morning N.Y. and many more!

He is considered a prime human relations resource, particularly in the areas of youth resources and behavior, about street kids and runaways and teen substance abuse.

His videos and podcasts are seen all over the internet including You Tube, he has begun a reachingup blog at xanga.com, tweets at #reachingup and has just begun his first book, On the Road to the Divine, a collection of interviews, anecdotes and commentaries.

Don was nominated to Who’s Who in America for 1999-2000.

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