Bridgett Kern

Bridgett Kern is a Worship leader, Pastor, entrepreneur, singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian/Gospel music.


Known for her inspiring and anointed ministry, Bridgett Kern is a multi-faceted Worship Leader, Songwriter and Pastor.  She is one of the most compelling and refreshing worship leaders on the horizon today.  Weekly, Bridgett leads people in worship at Radiant Life Church in Phoenix, AZ, which was founded by both Bridgett and her husband, Dr. Joseph Kern.

The demanding but rewarding call to a life of ministry is fulfilling and requires a compassionate sacrifice of self and time. Bridgett and her husband Dr. Joseph Kern balance their family of four children, pastoring a congregation and serving their community by “building a stronger generation next”.  “As a minister and pastor, we are servants and I love serving others,” she shares.   “People have been my greatest gift and God has surrounded me with an incredible group of people so I don’t have to do it all, in turn, I can give others wings and let them fly!”


“I also have a very unique perspective of worship now,” says Bridgett. “As a worship leader, my heart and desire is to be relevant to the needs of the people, and give to them, through music, encouragement that will help them get through their week,” she continues.  “I never assume that the people that walk into Radiant Life Church already have a relationship with God or, for that matter, even know what we are doing when we are lifting our hands. I instruct them so that they really get it!”


Her songs are sincere messages about who God is and what He can do. “My deepest passion and sole purpose is to set an atmosphere where people are focused on God,” Bridgett proclaims. “The songs I sing are always directed to The King, Our Lord, and I want people to understand that our worship is a lifestyle that reflects God’s influence.”


Bridgett is now taking worship to a global level with her new worship album NO ONE GREATER which releases in 2015.

Bridgett called upon a league of extraordinary musicians and songsmiths to contribute to NO ONE GREATER.   Worship and Contemporary Christian songwriters BJ Putnam, Melody Putnam, Doug and Laurie Enquist, Lucia Parker, Adam Ranney, Riley Enquist, Josh Lopez and Freddie Rodriguez have poured their songwriting prowess into the album.


BJ Putnam takes the helm at producing the project while musician and producer Buddy Strong (Usher, Marvin Sapp, Coko/SWV, Alvin Slaughter) takes reign as music director. Bridget sought friends Henry Seeley from Planet Shakers for lead guitar and Aaron Spears for drum-work.




NO ON GREATER combines a perfect blend of triumphant praise, ardent worship and collective Contemporary Christian music for Sunday morning services and weekly worship.

Bridgett’s first single “He Shall Reign” is the epitome of an affirmative anthem of praise.  “Jesus Is Our King” is a magnificent worship song for congregations to proclaim the Savior and welcome His presence.  BJ Putnam not only produces and writes on this project, but joins in duet with Bridgett on “We Worship You”.



The universal appeal of NO ON GREATER and Bridgett’s music continues to cross and bridge cultural divides.  Bridgett’s album is the perfect daily addition for a lifestyle of worship for all ages, denominations and nations.





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