Michael Fordham

Michael Fordham is an actor, model, voice-over artist, announcer, producer, photographer, host/executive producer of the talk radio shows “A Measure Of Truth” and “Turn It UP!”


“A Measure of Truth” attempts to expose the underlying truth of News Stories that you all have heard before, but gives you firsthand accounts from key players that have not yet been given a voice to tell the facts. These bearers of truth are often forced to wait until the media hype has expired and the backstory, what was in fact the only story, finally comes into vogue. Why wait to be objective and to see things clearly. The Truth has always been there, just waiting to be discovered. I stand ready to diffuse the hype and ask the questions that expose the truth… hidden beneath the headlines.

When News and Information comes with a dose of misdirection… we can only hope to decipher “A Measure of Truth”. A BlogTalk Radio Show from Michael Fordham that promises to shake things up.


Turn it Up! Featured on “A Measure of Truth” on BlogTalkRadio.com hosted by Michael Fordham and co hosted by Lamar Hoagland. Turn it up is all about independent recording artist of all kinds R&B, Rap, Jazz, Soul, Rock, gospel even Country! But the primary reason for “Turn It Up” is to feature and help independent artist to take it to the next level… by Showcasing new music, sharing studio recording tips and tricks to make you tracks stand out like the pro’s… with industry insider information to help you to choose the right path and keep you in the game. Every week we will bring you new artist, industry insiders, and fresh new tracks that you will not be able to hear it anywhere else. The truth is if you are an independent artist trying to make it music biz… you need all the help you can get!
So lets stop playing! Get your demos together and get ready to Turn It Up!


Modeling Acting /
2007 The Walker – Actor – Private Club Doorman – Extra – Film
Fairfax County Transportation – Model – Print
Time Warner Cable – Model – Stock Broker – Print
Threads of Peace – Model – Print – threadsofpeace.com – Internet
Homeland Security – FEMA – Model – Coroner – Print
The District – Actor – Coroner – Background – TV
Kitchens By Request – Model – Print
Prior to 2000
A Man Called Hawk – Actor – Night Club Fight Scene – Shoot-out Background – TV
Macy’s – Promotion – Henckels Model – Spokes Person
Harrods – London – Clinique – Model – Promotion
London College of Fashion – Model – Runway
Chic Magazine – London – Model – Editorial – Print
Root Magazine – London – Model – Editorial – Print








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