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Christian Music Blog is a blog and podcast  about having a challenging conversation about all the issues that Christian artists face. Nate Fancher is founder.



My name is Nate Fancher. I’m a pastor and singer/songwriter at Living Way Church in North Carolina, I’ve been leading worship and worship teams for over 15 years, and I’m only just now beginning to understand a few things…

So at the outset, let me welcome you by saying CMB is not about me. I pray that God guards me from presumptuously thinking that I’ve got the answers for Christian musicians. This is about having a challenging conversation about all the issues that we as Christian artists face.

So, thank you for joining me.

One day I realized that many of the conversations between CCM artists, worship leaders, and songwriters, happen behind closed doors.

They happen when sitting around a table at a coffee shop or pub. I felt like these conversations needed a more public setting.



What are these conversations?

These are conversations about what worship really is; conversations about how commerce and ministry work together; conversations about what is happening in the Christian music business; conversations about the primacy of the local church in the life of an artist; conversations about the creative process; and conversations about finding a right definition of what “Christian music” is.

That’s where this is coming from.

So, in the fall of 2012, I had an idea. It seemed like starting a podcast might be a good way to get some discussion rolling about these things. I figured that I’d have some friends come on the podcast who also might enjoy talking about the same things…

…So I started the podcast, along with building an email list of folks who might want to join me; all pointing to the creation of a blog – a home for the the whole conversation in general.

Again, not to say that this is the only place where this discussion takes place. We’re just a small piece of the whole puzzle where you can throw your hat in the ring (so to speak).

And that’s why you’re here right? You are a person of faith who makes music; a person of faith who is creative. And you need to be a part of this conversation…

So we invite you to join us!


Where to Start

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We look forward to meeting you!

A bit more about Nate…

In an age where CCM has received much criticism for selling out and watering down the gospel message, there is a new generation rising up longing to prove the critics wrong. Young church planting movements are birthing new and relevant churches while holding on to theological integrity and a desire to bring glory to God… Fresh trend setting music that honors Jesus will be right there with these movements.

A catchy and classy pop/rock genre graced with rhythmic arrangements, ambient guitars, percussive keyboards, and soul lifting melodies might help describe the music of Nate Fancher. And if you call yourself a fan of “modern worship”, you’ll feel right at home.


Nate has been leading worship and writing accessible praise choruses for over 10 years. His vision is to see local churches resourced with fresh songs and sounds, centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ and it’s call to worship God in response to His mercy.

“My hope is to see our songs serving and benefiting communities of believers that are being built on God’s grace”, says Nate. “I’ve always loved going to different places and playing music with my band, but more than touring and doing all the fun stuff that bands can do, my hope is that our songs reach further than we ourselves can go. It’s really about the songs themselves helping people connect to God through Jesus.”

From 2001 to 2005 Nate traveled with the Christian indie rock band Mali, playing with artists such as Sanctus Real, David Crowder Band, Charlie Hall, and even Christian rapper Mase. Mali was also privileged to lead worship at events like The Call Texas, One Thing Kansas City, and on the main stage at the country’s oldest Christian music festival, Ichthus.


Near the end of Mali’s time together as a band Nate was brought on as the worship pastor of Grace Church, in Chapel Hill NC where he currently oversees the worship ministry. His primary job description is leading worship, writing songs, and developing worship teams.


In the spring of 2009 Nate released his self-produced, debut solo EP entitled The Cross of Jesus. It’s sound could be likened to that of Delirious, Tim Hughes, Emerson Hart, and Magnet. While not forgetting Nate’s skills as a musician and producer, the new EP highlights the strength of his songwriting talents. Nate’s wife Katie also joined him while in the studio to give her vocal touches on the project.



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