EGH Radio

EGH Radio is an internet radio station playing all genres.

EGH Radio logo

EGH Radio is a platform for unsigned and emerging artists to showcase their music. EGH Radio will be playing the best unsigned artists music there is along with interviews and interactive chat 24 hours a day all over the world. Why unsigned? Well we like to promote people very much like ourselves and we know how hard it is to get yourself in front of people. With every genre covered why not EMAIL the team with your music.

As an extra we will also be streaming interviews on lots of different subjects from the paranormal right through to sport with everything in between.

We also now have live shows which go out under the EGH Radio Live section of the website.

You can follow the EGH family on Twitter at @StephenLambert0 @DianeGreen41 @AnneJ26 @StephenAndAnne @Gaz770@ChuckGotski and @Kelliena.

Welcome along and we sincerely hope you enjoy the ride!!

EGH Radio2


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