The Appetizer Radio Show

The Appetizer Radio Show is an internet radio show, podcast and blog featuring several genres of music.  D. Grant Smith is founder.


The Appetizer Radio Show (Radio Program, Blog, & Podcast) provide a unique opportunity for indie and unsigned artists to have their music heard by audiences across the country and around the world. We are one of the only syndicated programs that airs unknown musicians alongside established artists. This adds a dynamic to the credibility you have as artists, as well as gives our listeners, fans and audience a greater appreciation for your talent.

To have the opportunity to be featured on our program, blog or podcast, download this Music Submission Form PDF, print it, and mail us your music.

We WILL NOT accept music that does not contain the signed form of this document, nor material that does not contain contact information or bio details. Your story is your music, so please provide that for us so we can share it with our community. Thank you.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect audiences with new and emerging Indie artists and to provide a channel for unknown musicians to be discovered. Our Blog has interview podcasts, album reviews, and insights into new music discoveries. Connect with us on Social Media and let us know what you want to hear. Our new Craft Music Discovery Podcast features fresh new indie artists.

Our Values

Discovery: If music sounds good, has a quality production value, and the music connects with us, we want to showcase it to the world, regardless of how known or popular the artist may be. Mainstream popularity or commercial success is not a prerequisite or factor in being featured on The Appetizer radio show. On the contrary, we look to find and feature artists and music that is more unknown to the world and introduce these unknown and emerging artists to new fans and audiences. We believe that many people want to be a part of something new and something unique. Being one of the first to start listening to an emerging artist is what people in the music community cherish. But at the same time, it’s hard to know where to find new and emerging artists without going on an endless search. We provide the opportunity to discover new talent, new music, and songs not commercially exposed by known and unknown artists for a unique music listening experience.

Connection: Anyone can listen to music. But listening is just a part of the experience. Having a passion for the artist, their stories, and who they are is what we bring to the table. We are the connectors of art to people hungry for original, beautiful, and undiscovered music to the world. We connect the audience to the artist and the artist to an audience they might not have had otherwise. We don’t just present music. What makes us unique is that we present the craft of the artist as well as their story through mealtime conversations that the audience gets to be a part of.

Excellence:  Our desire in everything we do is to do the right thing and do it to the best of our ability.  We seek to produce the highest quality program, product, and service to truly serve the audience as well as the artist and station.  No shortcuts are taken and none are allowed.  If the product is not the highest quality then it doesn’t go on air.  Excellence is the standard.

The Appetizer Radio Show began as a project for D Grant Smith while studying at Abilene Christian University and working for the local public radio station KACU in 2003. Interested in a wide variety of music from an early age, Smith wondered if a larger variety of styles and genres could coexist in one hour of music. Working at a public radio station had given him ample training in program production. After approaching the station manager and putting together a few demos, he was given that chance and The Appetizer was born.

Over the years the program has covered styles of music from jazz to alternative rock, blues to folk, singer-songwriter to R&B and more. One focus over the past decade has been indie and unsigned musicians. And as a way to connect listeners to artists and artists to new audiences, our program has been the first radio outlet for emerging indie artists like Lindsay Katt, The Rocketboys, The Light Parade,Aryn Michelle and others.  The show has also showcased audiences in Texas and beyond to emerging artists like William Fitzsimmons, Flatfoot 56, Matt Morris, Citizen Cope, Rosi Golan and more through taped conversations and exclusive sessions.


The show has also incorporated individuals looking for experience in not just media production, but the indie music scene in producing content for the radio show as well as podcasts. One of the few media programs targeting both the music lover as well as the musician, The Appetizer continues to showcase the talents and music of established artists as well as those just getting their start, including unknowns. The Appetizer Radio show is heard in Texas across the country on. Carrier stations are on our Stations link. You can also listen anytime through our Listen-Now Page.

Indie music lives here. So does B-sides from your favorite known and mainstream artists. Our show continues to be an organic media outlet, providing listeners with a unique blend of the flavors of music each week, including artists you know and many that you might not, as well as being an outlet for community engagement and connection.

Yearly we also present a fan-choice honor to emerging indie acts called The Golden Fork Awards.  Listeners to our program vote on their favorite artists featured during that year and the winners receive a coveted Golden Fork trophy.

Currently The Appetizer is syndicated across Texas (KACU, KTRL, KURT, KVLU, 98KINT), California (KSCR, KDAWG, KWMR, and KNSJ), Colorado (KSPB/KSUN), Alaska (KDLG and KMXT), Idaho (KRFY), Michigan (WLNZ), Louisiana (KSCL and WXDR), Wyoming (KNWT), Tennessee (PopGeezer Radio Online) and abroad in Ontario, Canada (Port Perry Radio) and Germany (MoMaltaRadio).


D Grant Smith

Smith is the founder, host and producer of the radio show he created in 2003. The Appetizeris one of the ways he is involved in the local, state, and national music community. Regularly he interacts and connects with artists and music lovers to present new things to new people. Aside from music, he enjoys great stories and storytellers, movies, comic books, fishing, and dinner parties with his wife (whose humorous and witty blog isKeeping Up With Mrs. Smith). D Grant is also a musician and writer. If you’re in a band and would like to know if your music is ready for potential airplay, Contact D Grant can be of service to you.Reach him through email at

 Other Contributors:

Patti Moulton
Patti is a music connoisseur who enjoys listening, attending concerts, and writing about her experiences. A fan of film as well, she contributes weekly to our blog through honest, heart-felt album reviews as well as artist critiques.

Molly Longmire
Molly is a longtime music fan, especially in indie folk, country, and rock. Her familiarity with numerous indie acts is outstanding, not to mention her incredible writing talent. Her introspective and op-ed pieces are second to none, and her reviews strike a new chord with those searching for meaningful sounds in their life.

Will Reid
Will is a long-time friend of Smith and one of the most all-around talented creators we’ve had the privilege to work with. A graduate in Graphic Arts, Will currently works for Democracy Now!, one of the premier public radio news programs in the country. His contributions to our blog reveal aspects of his multi-faceted talents.
If you’d like to be a contributor to our blog or if you’d like to make a guest post, Contact D Grant via email (


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