The Steven Knight Show

The Steven Knight Show is an Internet radio show that airs every Monday at 10PM EST. The Steven Knight Show is a division of EOTM Media Group. Steven Knight is host/founder.



The Steven Knight Show brings you the latest in entertainment, news, interviews, sports, movie reviews, fashion and of course, Music!
The team of five hit internet airwaves in late January 2011 and brings something new to the EOTM radio listeners but with the same traditional format of radio today.
 steven knight 1
Michele Parker is the co-host with Steven and assists with the entertainment buzz as well as featured interviews, Aron Cosby highlights the sports section entitled, “Ron’s Perspective” and Genera Ferguson reports on the fashion segment, entitled, “Budget Shopaholic”.
Both Chike Evans and Adam Eltarhoni provide movie reviews for both independent and major films.The Steven Knights’ Show targets different aspects of entertainment, music, celebrity news, social events, etc and will air once a week for 90mins. The show also highlights some of the hottest indie and signed artists set to debut, Friday January 21, 2011, visit www.eotmradio.comfor times reflecting your time zone.

To listen to the show, please visit:

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