Indie Music Bus

Indie Music Bus™ is a social media promotion company working with emerging and well known independent acts. Walter Hargrave is owner/founder.   Mission To support indie-pendent music with all legal and professional means possible both online and off. We will be using social-media as the online engine to spread YOUR word and OURS. About Indie […]

Dare To Dream Radio & Television

Dare To Dream Radio & Television is a syndicated, multi-award winning program. Debbi Dachinger is founder/CEO. Dare to Dream radio & television interviews – what do YOU Dare to Dream? Debbi Dachinger’s “Dare to Dream” radio show is a syndicated, multi-award winning program. It’s been featured in Yahoo News, Earth Times, and Singapore Star News, and […]

Worship Links Christian Blog

Worship Links is a Christian blog site published by Mr. Brad Rhine.   With this site, I hope to provide you with links to great resources about leading worship. My goal is to help you find what you need to become a better worship leader and a better worshipper, and to bring honor to God […]

Christian Music Blog

Christian Music Blog is a blog and podcast  about having a challenging conversation about all the issues that Christian artists face. Nate Fancher is founder.   My name is Nate Fancher. I’m a pastor and singer/songwriter at Living Way Church in North Carolina, I’ve been leading worship and worship teams for over 15 years, and I’m […]

Popculturez is an entertainment news, lifestyle, artist hub and celebrity news portal, which is a part  of G.M.M., LLC, an innovative U.S. New Media collective. Tom Clover is managing editor. It  is made up of a culturally and universally diverse group of journalists (Who have interviewed an abundance of celebrities and powerful public figures over the years for both […]

Isaac Cates

Isaac Cates is an award winning musician, producer, entrepreneur, band leader, composer, educator and singer-songwriter of contemporary Gospel / Christian music. In life there are many talented individuals whose musical gifting and expressionism appears effortless to audiences. Some are born with these gifts while others are trained to become great minstrels and psalmists. However, there are those […]

Many Moods Television Network

Many Mood Television Network is a subsidiary of Many Moods Productions and we own and operate successful Production, Recording, Publishing, and Marketing companies. Linda Felder is founder / CEO. From Thoughts to Realities Welcome to MMTV Network, The Social Television Network! This is where Realities are revealed and indies in the entertainment industries and other […]

Daylle Deanna Schwartz

Daylle Deanna Schwartz is a writer, speaker, music industry consultant and personal growth counselor.   Daylle Deanna Schwartz, author Nice Girls Can Finish First (McGraw-Hill), is a best-selling author, speaker, self-empowerment counselor and music industry consultant. She’s appeared on hundreds of TV and radio shows, including Oprah, Howard Stern, and Good Morning America; quoted in publications, […]

Reaching New Heights Magazine

“Reaching New Heights”, is a Lifestyle publication focusing on the day to day happenings in and around the Tri City area. Distribution covers the areas of Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Hopewell, Fort Lee, Dinwiddie, Prince George & Southern Chesterfield, Virginia. Catherine Hildebrand Oakley is owner / publisher.  Reaching New Heights, the Tri Cities only Lifestyle Magazine […]