J. E. White

J. E. White is a musician, independent record label owner,  singer-songwriter of contemporary Christian / Gospel music.


‘Without passion man is a mere latent force and possibility, like the flint which awaits the shock of the iron before it can give forth its spark.” – Henri-Frédéric Amiel, Journal, 17 December 1856.

“It’s all about spreading the message of God’s love the best way I know how.. Through music”. J.E. White

J. E. White has one of the best voices in GOSPEL !  I just discovered her, a very talented Artist in her own right that is writing her own ticket to becoming a BIG STAR in the GOSPEL INDUSTRY, WE ARE BEHIND HER 100%.

   by ZayLew

A very soothing, mellow song that reminds you of the love that Christ has for each of us.
A song that you can easily sing along with.
Excitedly looking forward to the album.

Thas Love  by jam06h

WOW!!! I’m blown away by this girl’s lyrical content. The voice puts the icing on the cake! Great song! Can’t wait for the album!

Take the powerful & rich vocals of Angie Stone, Jill Scott, and Lauryn Hill, and you have that very special Neo Soul blend of Janderlyn White AKA J. E. White.


J.E. White started singing when she was three years old and began learning instruments at the age of six. “At three I was too young to join the church choir but it’s all I thought about until I was old enough. I knew all of the songs and I wanted nothing more than to be able to sing”. When she was young she would do just about everything with her father. He was a percussionist and lover of music.

There was that point in her life that she knew music was her passion. Like the person who has found the love of their life and they know without any shadow of doubt that they are the one. That is how J.E. feels about music.

She gets her love of music from her oldest brother. He was a singer and they were extremely close. She picked up his love for music and took it and never stopped. Because she looked up to him she wanted to make him proud. He was her biggest fan and they had the same heart for music. He was there for every rehearsal she had. The first song J.E. White ever recorded she was about 12 or 13. Her god-brother had gotten some tracks from a producer in Miami and in her mom’s living room , with a computer mic and a really old music recording program, free styled on her first record.


She’s had accomplishments such as singing classical music at Carnegie hall. She sang background for Mali Music, shared a stage with Tye Tribbett, and Kirk Franklin, and her proudest moment to date is being asked to travel to Italy and be a featured soloist at St.Peters Basilica and other well known places across Italy. Some who have inspired J.E, White are the legendary Donny Hathaway, Mahalia Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Julie London, Nat King Cole, Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Cole Porter, The Clark Sisters, Donald Lawrence, Ricky Dillard, Hezekiah Walker, John Coltrane, John P Kee, Richard Smallwood, Sarah Vaughan and so many others.


The hardest thing she’s had to overcome was the loss of her father and brother. “I know for a fact that my father gave me my smile, I’m so much like him its ridiculous from the jokes to the temper, I know I get my sense of humor from him and when he passed away December 14th, 2008 it was very hard for me. About six weeks or so later my oldest brother who was my best friend in the universe passed away on Feb 7, 2009, it was the most pain I think I’ve ever felt. I was very very very close to him and losing him hurt more than words could describe.” She wanted to shut herself off from the world and didn’t want to feel anymore so she detached herself from everything including music. All she had left was faith.


No matter how much she separated herself from everything God never stopped taking care of her. She was taken out of a comfort zone that she had been in for years. She had become complacent, after losing them. She had to find her own way with God’s help, and that’s how she overcame losing two of the most important people in her life.

She’s now working with grant writers to try and get funding for her first organization. Through this organization, she wants to have programs for young girls and young women alike to teach them about the arts and the different outlets that the arts provide. She hopes to incorporate workshops, master classes, and seminars, teaching girls and young women that there is nothing wrong with being themselves.

For Management & Booking
Contact: McKanstry Production Company

J.E. White Music Group


Artist Development, Music Production, Music Arrangement, Vocal Arrangement, Music Publishing and Full Service Record Label









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